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Linde HiQ

Seitnerstrasse 70
D 82049

Tel : +49 89 7446 1661

Fax : +49 089 7446 2071

HiQ - specialty gases, specialty equipment & related services from Linde Gas. HiQ High Purity Gases are essential in the Petrochemical Industry as Instrumentation Gases to keep many analytical instruments in laboratories and for process control functioning. Analytical methods such as FTIR, GC, HPLC, ICP, MS and SFC rely on high purity gases such as HiQ Argon, HiQ Carbon Dioxide, HiQ Helium, HiQ Hydrogen, HiQ Nitrogen, HiQ Synthetic Air.

Specialty Gas Mixtures - High precision HiQ Specialty Gas mixtures are used as span gases to calibrate instruments. Other mixtures such as synthetic air, hydrogen plus helium or methane/argon mixtures for Nuclear Counters are used for the daily operation of many Analytical Instruments. HiQ Specialty Gas mixtures accredited to ISO 17025 or ISO Guide 34 and mixtures manufactured to the US EPA Protocol Requirements are often required for Environmental Monitoring, CEMS and other legislative and regulatory requirements.

HiQ Specialty Equipment is designed to be used with high purity gases and specialty gas mixtures. For basic gas mixtures and high purity gases up to 5.0 grade (99.999%) the BASELINE Equipment range is appropriate. For sophisticated laboratory installations, precision gas mixtures and high purity gases up to 6.0, or even 7.0 grade, REDLINE is the best option. In either case, gas control equipment such as regulators and valves are essential to deliver the specialty gases from their source to the application where they are being used safely and without compromising the Gas Quality .
Gas Cylinders - HiQ Specialty Gases are supplied in a range of cylinder sizes. Each package is customised for local Safety requirements and Valve Outlet Connections. High purity gases are normally supplied in large cylinders of approx 1.5 m height or as a liquified gas that is vapourised before use. Calibration gas mixtures can also be supplied in large cylinders, but are often required in Smaller Cylinders and ultra-portable packages such as the ECOCYL, MAXICAN, MINICAN and MICROCAN.
Services - There are many services to help users of HiQ specialty gases & equipment optimise productivity, quality and safety. The most fundamental service is safe and timely physical delivery of the gases & equipment. Services related to quality include certification of gas mixtures prior to supply and analysis of gas samples provided by customers. For productivity, Linde offers ACCURA to track and control cylinder inventory and SECCURA to automate the gas re-purchase to help avoid run-outs. Services for the Design, Installation and Maintenance of sophisticated gas delivery equipment systems are also available. Product selection advice, application support, safety information provision and Training to support gas users are also provided by the HiQ Expert Team.

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