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The mercury threat is real

Mercury has been elevated to the status of a pollutant of global concern owing to some of its unique toxic properties which pose environmental and health ...


Reducing harmful emissions

In order to comply with ever-tightening regulations, shipping operators must find ways to reduce atmospheric emissions. Carrying as much as 90% of world ...


Zeroing in on zero gases

In the global energy industry environmental legislation has become ever more stringent and fiscal monitoring for oil and gas trading has also become is ...


Gas injection for shale gas recovery

Injection of CO2 or N2 is a more effective approach than conventional water and sand fracturing to increase oil and gas production from tight or water ...


Monitoring and controlling emissions 
in Europe

Implementing the EU’s Industrial Emissions Directive calls for quality and consistency in technologies for monitoring and controlling emissions.


Driving refining change: part 2

A look at how automotive emissions legislation and the drive for energy sustainability are impacting the refining industry.


Meeting tighter NOx emissions rules

A low temperature oxidation technology uses ozone to remove very low levels of nitrogen oxide from refinery gases