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Optimized Gas Treating

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Making sense of amine absorber temperature profiles

(White Paper) - Simulation is a powerful tool for ensuring designs are robust, operating conditions are optimal, and troubleshooting can be effectively ...


Ammonia destruction in the reaction furnace

A study based on reaction fundamentals aids a comparison of the advantages of one-zone and two-zone SRU reaction furnace design in ammonia destruction ...


SRU simulation getting the properties right

Reliable, predictive simulation software for SRUs requires recognition of many of the unique properties and behaviours of sulphur.


The role of tail gas treating unit 
quench towers

A quench tower cools gas entering a tail gas amine unit but also protects the amine against SO2 breakthrough.


Effect of MMEA on the performance of tail gas and AGE units

Methylmonoethanolamine (MMEA) is one of the secondary amines produced by the degradation of N-methyldiethanolamine (MDEA).


Improving CO2 absorber performance in LNG production

Simulation of deep CO2 removal in LNG and syngas applications, combined with intercooling, maximises effectiveness of piperazine-promoted MDEA solvent ...


Pinched performance: Part 1

Absorbers become lean-end pinched when the solvent’s capacity for acid gas greatly exceeds the acid gas to be removed. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide ...