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Sulzer Chemtech USA

8505 East North Belt
TX 77396

Tel : +1 281 604 4100

Fax : +1 281 291 0207

Sulzer Chemtech USA designs, manufactures, and services a Comprehensive Range of Equipment used in Separation and mixing processes in Refining, Gas, and Chemical applications. The company has a Worldwide Presence with offices in the U.S., Switzerland and Singapore and manufacturing centers in Mexico, Poland, India and China. Products include Structured Packing, Random Packing, Mist Eliminators and Trays for Separation columns. Along with providing leading edge products, Sulzer Chemtech is also the leading provider of mass transfer Turnaround and Field Services.
Leading in research and development: Sulzer Chemtech can meet any customer requirement with customized, innovative solutions. They have the personnel, experience and engineering capability to model and analyze mass and heat transfer problems in Distillation & Absorption, extraction, mixing and Reaction Technology. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and Pilot Tests are used for optimization and fine tuning of new products.
Proven, reliable components and systems: Sulzer Chemtech has been providing innovative mass transfer technology to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for over forty years. Their portfolio of products includes Structured Packing, Trays, Random Packing, Mist Eliminators and advanced products like MellapakPlus and both Shell HiFiand FRI tested VGPlus high performance trays.
24/7 Turnaround Services: Whether you’re facing a major turnaround or routine column repairs and maintenance, Sulzer Chemtech USA will integrate supply and installation of all of your mass transfer equipment. The company provides Complete Support for your Planned or Emergency Shutdowns with replacement internals, hardware and equipment installation, all with one phone call – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Turnkey packages are offered with a complete line of products, regardless of the original manufacturer. Sulzer Chemtech also offers customers total inventory control by providing tray hardware on consignment. Hardware is custom packaged for each customer’s towers and delivered in trailers and lockers to the site for the duration of the turnaround.

Unparalleled Field Services: Sulzer Chemtech can furnish a Wide Range of Vessel-Related Services such as complete vessel retrofits, from the external pipe flanges to vessel internals. The company holds ASME “R” and “U” Certifications, which permits them to furnish complete Welding Services. Some examples of their weldind capabilities include nozzle installations, strip lining installation and repair, tray support modifications, internal piping modifications and tower resections. The company also holds an “S” stamp, which enables them to work on boiler systems.
A single source for mass transfer products and services: Sulzer Chemtech USA is committed to meeting your mass transfer challenges, with engineering expertise, reliable products, and outstanding on-site services. They truly are the single source for all of your mass transfer needs.