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Fired capital equipment: key plant components

Fired capital equipment is an often neglected asset associated with 
plant operations. The global petrochemical and refining industries remain volatile ...


Improved feedstocks for ethane crackers

Cryogenic recovery technology enables wet shale gas to become a valuable source of liquids for petrochemicals production.


Options for CO2 capture from SMR

As CO2 capture from steam methane reforming becomes increasingly important, the economics of retrofit for recovery from process gas streams need to be ...


Small-scale LNG – what refrigeration technology is the best?

Currently, low natural gas prices are allowing multiple secondary players in the U.S. market to consider investments in small-scale LNG plants.


StarLNG standard small-scale 
LNG plants

Driven by growing domestic natural gas reserves, favourable gas prices and stricter emission regulations in North America, LNG is beginning to replace ...


Selecting the “Best” fired heater

Fired heaters are extensively used in the chemical process industry to heat process fluids and generate steam. Typically, fired heaters consume the largest ...


Steam reformers for hydrogen and synthesis gas

Modern steam methane reformer design is a complex process that needs to be carefully optimised in terms of capital and operating costs