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An EMCOR Industrial Services Company
1605 S. Battleground Road
La Porte
TX 77571

Tel : +1 281 478 6200

Fax : +1 281 478 6206

Executing complex critical projects for the refining, chemical, petrochemical, and fertilizer industries requires special skills and vast experience. Owners, operators and engineering firms around the world rely on AltairStrickland (Altair) as the go-to mechanical contractor for FCCU, Delayed Coker and Ammonia Unit Turnarounds, revamps, upgrades, and emergency repairs. Founded in 1976, AltairStrickland helps customers prepare for the unexpected by participating in the early planning stages of their projects to address constructability issues. By doing this ahead of the project’s start date, AltairStrickland ensures that they have the right tools and equipment reserved and ready for just-in-time service. As a result, AltairStrickland has gained a reputation for cost- and time-saving pre-planning. Additionally, AltairStrickland employs a highly skilled and dedicated project management team with an average tenure of over 14 years. To download AltairStrickland's capabilities brochure, click HERE.

A Specialized Network: For specialized work that requires a specialized approach, AltairStrickland’s sister companies, industry specialists Diamond Refractory Services (Diamond) and Tiger Tower Services (Tiger), can address nearly any conceivable challenge that arises from a turnaround. Whether working together, or addressing project challenges independently, Altair, Diamond, and Tiger have the expertise to work with precision, speed, and excellence.
The Diamond Difference: Diamond Refractory Services specializes in the installation and repair of refractory materials for critical units in process plants. Since 1999, Diamond has performed over 100 FCCU turnarounds with impeccable safety. With over 1,200 employees, a management team with over 200 years of combined experience, and five acres of shop lining facilities, Diamond is well equipped to handle both small and large Turnarounds and anything in between. To download Diamond Refractory Services brochure, click HERE.

The Tiger Tradition: Tiger Tower Services provides specialty mechanical services for process columns in the refinery, petrochemical, gas, and fertilizer industries. Tiger provide reliable, cost-effective Tower Retrofitting Services using specialized craftsman and experienced supervisors. Using their innovative “window section resection” approach to column vessel work, Tiger Tower Services provides quick, safe work aimed at helping clients save both money and time. To download Tiger Tower Services brochure, click HERE.  
The Fortune 500 Advantage: AltairStrickland is a subsidiary of EMCOR Group, a Fortune 500(R) company combining financial strength with unmatched bonding capabilities and an award-winning safety program that has resulted in safety performance that’s 5-10 times better than the national average.*  AltairStrickland, Diamond Refractory Services, and Tiger Tower Services are companies in EMCOR’s Industrial Services division, which excels at complex turnaround and project execution for the refining and petrochemical industries.

Here are just some of the many ways AltairStrickland help save downtime and execution costs: Budget Conception,Execution Planning, Cold Eyes Reviews,CAD/CAM Modeling, Lifting & Rigging Plans, Project Constructability Analysis, Liaison between EPC & Owner/Operator, Scope Preparation, Shop Verifications, Aid Key Decision making, Supplement Project Team with: Scheduling, Planning and Cost Control

Altair Strickland's areas of specialization include
: Planning, Management and Execution of Turnarounds, FCCU and Coker Turnarounds, Revamps & Emergency Repair, Ammonia Plant Shutdowns and Revamps, Power Plant Outages, Specialty Welding Services & ASME Code Welding, Heater and Boiler Repairs, Pipe and Vessel Fabrication, NOx an SOx System Installations, Constructability Reviews, Project Planning, Cost Control & Management Consulting