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The future for hydrocracking: part 1

Hydrocracking technology faces challenges and opportunities amid diesel emission scandals, low sulphur marine fuels, and the growing position of electric ...


The challenges of crude blending - Part 2

The second part of a two-part article details the importance of crude selection and blending strategies to prosper in a low cost yet volatile market.


The challenges of crude blending - Part 1

Declining crude prices encourage more spot purchases that save costs, but mixing different grades can create headaches for refiners.


Analytics to identify FCC trends

Robust gasoline demand since the beginning of 2015 has defied expectations. In spite of on-going talks of ‘dieselisation’ in the transportation fuel ...


Predicting future FCC operations 
via analytics

Data analysis enables a company to take advantage of patent information to unveil underlining development trends for formulating technology strategies ...


Refinery power failures: causes, costs and solutions: part 2

Technologies are discussed to help refiners formulate strategies in managing risks and crisis due to emergency shutdowns, thereby minimising financial ...


Refinery power failures: causes, costs 
and solutions

Power outages typically lead to damaging costs for refiners. Strategies are 
needed to minimise them.