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Dealing with desalter cleaning challenges

How to overcome lengthy and potentially dangerous challenges when cleaning a crude unit desalter.


Decontamination of a crude/vacuum unit (TIA)

A major oil company wanted to make a final validation of ITW Online Cleaning and ITW Improved Degassing/Decontamination technologies to use them strategically ...


Safe removal of polymeric deposits

Damaging polymeric fouling of internals can be cleaned in situ by safe 
chemical treatments. Butadiene polymer formation is not an unusual problem in ...


Online cleaning of an integrated distillation unit

Online cleaning technology was validated during a scheduled turnaround at the second largest refinery in Poland.


Online cleaning: a mindshift for improving operational excellence

A patented method of chemical cleaning can reduce downtime arising from severe fouling in process units


Online cleaning and decontamination of a butadiene unit

Chemical treatment by closed-loop recirculation reduced cleaning time for a butadiene unit turnaround from a typical 20 days to 24 hours


Online cleaning improves operational excellence

Online cleaning, followed by degassing and decontamination, can result in a significant reduction in downtime, increased run length, operation under cleaner ...