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Compressor improvements turn benchmarks into savings

How can refiners create real improvements at plant level? Reciprocating compressors are likely candidates.


Saving Compressor power (TIA)

An Indian refinery has cut the power consumption of a reciprocating compressor on a hydrocracker by 86 kW and saves approximately €55000/y on energy ...


Eliminate leaks from reciprocating compressor packings

Reciprocating compressors continue to play a vital role in both refineries and gas transport operations. A revolutionary new technology that replaces traditional ...


Energy savings from electric 
capacity control

Updated stepless capacity control of reciprocating compressors saved energy and improved process stability at a petrochemicals site.


Continuously improving machinery performance (TIA)

Through regular inspection and selective or continuous monitoring, traditional maintenance measures are intended to uncover damaged valves or signs of ...


Genuine new concept for a zero-emission packing for reciprocating compressors

The piston rod sealing system is one of the key factors determining the efficiency and reliability of a reciprocating compressor. In a conventional compressor ...


Stop gas leaks from compressor packings

A new piston rod sealing technology based on a pressurised oil barrier can eliminate a significant source of gas leaks from reciprocating compressors.