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Grabner Instruments

Dr. Otto Neurath Gasse 1
A-1220 Vienna

Tel : +43 1 282 16 27-0

Fax : +43 1 280 73 34

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AMETEK Grabner Instruments launches MINIVAP VP Vision

AMETEK Grabner Instruments, a worldwide leader in automatic petroleum testers, announces the launch of a new, highly versatile and portable vapor pressure tester, the ...


Grabner Instruments aquires NIR analysis from Light Technology Industries

Grabner Instruments, inventor of and a world leader in vapor pressure testing, has expanded its product offering with the addition of near infrared (NIR) analysis from ...


Grabner Instruments MINIVAP On-Line measures all vapour pressure standards

The MINIVAP On-Line from AMETEK Grabner Instruments is a unique process analyzer that directly measures Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) and True Vapor Pressure (TVP) and determines ...


D7094 flashpoint method accepted for ASTM D7467 biodiesel blend specifications

AMETEK Grabner Instruments’ ASTM D7094 flashpoint method made history in 2013, when ASTM members accepted the method for ASTM Diesel Fuel and Kerosene specifications. ...


New autosampler for vapor pressure testing

AMETEK Grabner Instruments introduces the new RUN12 Autosampler for rapid and continuous vapor pressure testing of up to 12 samples in one run. The Autosampler was developed ...


AMETEK names Werner Mueller managing director for Grabner Instruments and Petrolab

AMETEK has named Werner Mueller as Managing Director for the Petroleum business unit of AMETEK Oil & Gas. In his new position, Mr. Mueller is responsible for leading ...


US Department of Transportation issues emergency testing order for transport of crude oils

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued an Emergency Testing Order that requires all shippers to test crude oil from the Bakken region to ensure the proper ...