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SIL and functional safety in rotating equipment

Unravelling the terminology and meaning of safety integrity level and functional safety in rotating equipment


Automatic diagnosis of critical rotating equipment: techniques and challenges

The past 20 years have seen continuous progress in the technological means available for monitoring the condition of Rotating Equipment.


What does SIL and functional safety mean to operators of rotating equipment?

SIL - standing for Safety Integrity Level, is one very important safety indicator. Extensively discussed, described and often misunderstood within the ...


Improving a compressor protection regime

Analysis of the build-up to the fracture of a compressor crosshead led a refiner to revise its approach to performance monitoring


A straightforward guide to monitoring & diagnostics of reciprocating compressors

Experts worldwide agree – the only way to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, economical operation of reciprocating compressors is to monitor them continuously ...


Bridging the gap between safety protection and condition monitoring

In the process industry it is still common that users strictly separate safety protection equipment from condition monitoring. Machine operators frequently ...


Recips need dedicated vibration monitoring systems

Avoiding ‘crater maintenance’ and the ‘doom loop’ Reciprocating compressors have a reputation as bad actors among the rotating equipment fleet; ...