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Balanced distillation equipment design

Fouling resistance and efficiency requirements for distillation equipment are balanced and optimised for reliable unit performance.


Improved distillation efficiency

Dividing wall column technology applied to a xylenes separation project delivered superior energy efficiency compared to a two-column arrangement.


Enhancing fractionator efficiency

Properly designed vapour and liquid distribution devices enable more effective distillation column efficiency.


Optimising preflash for light tight oil processing

For a crude unit handling light tight oil feedstock, a semi-preflash column can deliver significant advantages in energy saving, capacity gain and revamp ...


Refining/petrochemical integration 
- FCC gasoline to petrochemicals

The global trend in motor fuel consumption favours diesel over gasoline, with gasoline often being in surplus. There is a simultaneous increase in demand ...


The petrochemistry of paraxylene

Understanding the basics of the paraxylene manufacturing process.


Less is more: how a dividing wall column maximises LPG recovery

Maximising LPG recovery from fuel gas using a dividing wall column. Refiners have a challenge to recover LPG from mixed fuel gas streams due to the difficulty ...