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Isomalk-3 - A robust n-C4 isomerization processs

A Robust n-C4 Isomerization Process. Isomalk-3 is a low-temperature isomerization technology for processing n-butane into isobutane, its branched isomer. Isobutane is an important intermediate required for the production of isobutylene or alkylate. Isobutylene can be used to produce MTBE ...

GT-SPOC: rethinking sulfur recovery

GT-SPOC technology is a novel approach for sulfur recovery that was developed and extensively tested by ConocoPhillips and is now exclusively licensed worldwide by GTC Technology. GT-SPOC is a selective partial oxidation catalytic combustion of hydrogen sulfide via a “modified Claus” ...

Isomalk-4 C7 paraffin isomerization technology

Isomalk-4 is a low-temperature isomerization technology for processing C7 paraffins contained in wide-range naphtha streams. In a conventional refinery configuration, C7 paraffins are distributed to the C5-C6 isomerization unit and the reformer. These components have a high X-factor that ...

GT-DOS™ direct oxidation to sulfur

GT-DOS is a patented technology developed by TDA Research and licensed worldwide by GTC Technology. GT-DOS offers simplicity of operation, and is specifically applicable to lean acid gas streams, cost effectively recovering sulfur in the 0.1 to 200 Ton/day range.

Process ...

GTC Technology - engineered to innovate

GTC Technology is a global licensor of process technologies and mass transfer solutions offering innovative, custom solutions for the refining, chemical, petrochemical and gas processing industries. Refining, petrochemical and chemical companies around the world rely on our advanced ...