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Aliso Viejo
CA 92698

Tel : +1 949 349 2000

Fax : +1 949 349 2585

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance, and Project Management Services for the Energy & Chemicals Industries. Fluor is one of a few global companies that executes large and complex engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), and maintenance projects for the energy and chemical industries. The company provides a full range of integrated services to the global oil and gas production and processing industries.

Fluor serves the upstream, downstream, and integrated petrochemicals markets. Its expertise includes consulting and design-build of new facilities, refineries, pipelines or offshore facilities; as well as retrofit and plant-betterment services. With a global execution platform and 24/7 capabilities, Fluor performs work in remote and difficult locations around the world.

Fluor, in partnership with Group ICA in Mexico, participates in the Mexican and Central American oil, gas, power, and chemical markets.

Petroleum Refining: Fluor globally executes a wide range of design and construction projects for Clients in the petroleum-refining industry, from single-unit revamps to multi-billion-dollar grassroots complexes.
Chemicals & Petrochemicals: Fluor’s strong, diversified process technology and global project-execution expertise provides Clients with solutions to meet commodity and specialty chemicals, polymers, and petrochemicals needs.
Gas Processing & Gas Treating: Fluor is a leader in gas processing and gas treating technologies, evidenced by the more than 200 gas treating facilities designed and built by the company over the last 50 years.
Sulfur Recovery
: Fluor’s extensive experience with Sulfur Recovery includes more than 100 Claus-type sulfur recovery units, more than 100 tail gas treating units, and single train capacities ranging from less than 10 TPD to nearly 2600 TPD.
Heavy Oil Upgrading & Oil Sands: To extract heavy grades, Fluor offers business evaluations to complete EPC, commissioning, and operations and maintenance for grassroots, expansions, and revamp projects for Clients in the hydrocarbon-processing industry.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Fluor provides Clients EPC solutions for complex LNG developments including liquefaction, floating LNG, utilities & offsites, and regasification terminals.