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Crystaphase Products

16945 Northchase Drive
Suite 1610
TX 77060

Tel : +1 281 874 2110

Fax : +1 281 875 7677

For over 25 years, Crystaphase has provided reactor solutions to hundreds of refining, petrochemical, and chemical plants worldwide. Like no other company, we understand the quantifiable variables that impede performance and have developed a systematic and replicable approach for removing those obstacles.

There are two dimensions to optimal reactor performance: purification and dispersion. In traditional systems, these two phases are at odds; in the process of foulant removal, dispersion is progressively impeded. With a unique, space-saving internal filtration design, Crystaphase can effectively remove foulants without sacrificing flow.

The result - longer reactor cycles, higher catalyst load capacity, greater throughput, lower risk, and higher profits. The choice - crystal clear.

More to follow......