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Leveraging hydrocracking to upgrade low value streams

Flexible design of hydrocracking catalyst systems enables maximum conversion of lower value feed streams into more valuable liquid products.


Building robust hydroprocessing operations

Advances in catalyst technology enable refiners to maximise profitability by processing opportunity crudes and running heavier feeds.


Designing and engineering catalysts for hydrotreating

Advanced analytical and experimental techniques combine in the development of a new hydrotreating catalyst.


Shaping up hydrotreating performance (TIA)

A fine balance of activity and pressure drop has long created a challenge when considering the maximisation of performance for hydroprocessing and hydrocracking ...


Increased margin from updated internals and catalyst

A low cost hydrocracker revamp delivered extra value to a refinery by increasing diesel yield, cycle length and safety.


FCCPT stacked catalyst systems (TIA)

The pretreatment of feed for FCC units offers significant performance advantages for FCC operation including overall conversion, improved yields, FCC products ...


Revamping for ULSD production

A sandwich catalyst system has given the additional activity needed to process difficult feed in a hydrotreater.