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Advanced sulphur analysis in hydrocarbons

(White Paper) - Petra MAX™ delivers advanced D4294 sulphur analysis in addition to 12 elements from P to Zn including Ca, Fe, K, Ni, and V at sub-ppm ...


Online chlorine analyser for crude oil and petroleum process streams

Residual chlorine content in desalted crude oil streams can be a serious issue due to its highly corrosive nature. Online monitoring of chlorine has an ...


Certifying sulphur in automotive fuels and monitoring chlorine for corrosion mitigation

With the high volatility in crude prices leading to uncertainty in budgets, refiners are seeking new, innovative ways to respond to the industry’s dynamic ...


Ultra low sulfur analysis in liquid petroleum products using MWD XRF

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently enacted new, lower sulphur level requirements in gasoline through the Tier 3 rule, part of a comprehensive ...