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5th Kuwait Oil & Gas Summit

16 -17 April 2018
Kuwait City

Event Description

Held Under the Patronage of Kuwait's Ministry of Oil & Officially Endorsed by KPC. The most established strategic oil & gas event in the country, Kuwait Oil & Gas is endorsed by Nizar Al Adsani, Deputy Chairman & CEO, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and supported by the Ministry of Oil, KPC and Subsidiaries.

Designed and led by the industry itself (the Advisory Committee comprising CEOs from K-companies, IOCs and private sector representatives). Kuwait Oil & Gas is pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo by encouraging open and frank dialogue – put your questions to the Ministry by registering today.

 Benefits of attending the 2018 Kuwait Oil & Gas Summit:
 * Access KPC and the K companies’ strategic vision and masterplan and the opportunities available to existing and future clients and partners across the value chain
* Identify new opportunities and projects for your organisation in Kuwait and beyond
* Gain insights into strategic cross-border projects and plans between regional players and the opportunities these hold
* Discover how new technologies are providing the key to meeting future uncertainties
* Understand new investment and financing strategies on the regional level and for Kuwait
* Find out about regional plans that will prepare the future generations for the Oil & Gas Sector
* Be part of the collaborative solutions that will secure the region’s role as the world’s most reliable energy supplier

Event Organiser

CWC Exhibitions
Regent House
Oyster Wharf
16-18 Lombard Road
SW11 3RB

Phone : +44 20 7978 0000
Fax : +44 20 7978 0099

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