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Axens 2017 industry outlook

In 2016, global growth should fall to 3.1% before rising back up to 3.4% in 2017 according to IMF’s latest estimations. Long-term perspectives in industrialised ...


We are interested in buying new crudes on the spot market (Q&A)

Q - How do we assess the potential side effects of processing them in refinery units?


Revamp cat feed hydrotreaters for flexible yields

Revamping a cat feed hydrotreater to a flexible mild hydrocracker can be the most attractive economic option for adjusting the gasoline to diesel rati ...


HS-FCC for propylene: concept to commercial operation

A FCC process provides a high light olefin yield from a wide variety of feedstocks utilising high severity reaction conditions and a novel down flow reaction ...


Axens 2016 Industry Outlook

2015 was highlighted by a crude oversupply of 1.3 million b/d, which played a part in keeping oil prices at a low level, fluctuating between $40 and $60/bbl. ...


Combating green oil formation in a 
CCR reformer

The addition of a chloride adsorber guard bed solved a refiner’s issues with contamination affecting a CCR reformer’s rich gas compressor


Tackling the gasoline/middle distillate imbalance

An oligomerisation technology can produce a significant increase in middle distillate production. The varying constraints on the refining industry result ...