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Countering hydrate formation in an NGL recovery unit

Process modelling can be used to validate data from the plant and identify the most effective approach to process optimisation.


Is your relief valve sizing method truly rigorous?

Pressure relief valves are devices that protect equipment from excessive overpressure.


Are produced water emission factors accurate?

Rules of thumb are often used for estimating emissions from Produced Water storage tanks, especially when entrained hydrocarbons are present.


Adjusting gas treatment strategies to resolve methanol issues

It is not uncommon today for producers to introduce methanol into their hydrocarbon systems, either as a means of hydrate inhibition, as an additive blended ...


Optimization and throughput opportunities at PTT PLC’s amine plant

Removal of CO2 from natural gas is a necessary treating step before cryogenic processing. At the PTT Public Limited Company Gas Processing Plant 5, the ...


Moving targets: how ever changing air quality regulations are driving process decisions

Historically, the concern of process engineers was the design and operation of plants to do primarily one thing, efficiently meet product specifications. ...


Air emissions modeling advances for oil and gas production facilities

Hydrocarbon processing systems and storage tanks are a significant source of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in the United States.