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World Digital Refineries Congress

30 Sep - 2 October 2018
Kuwait City

Event Description

Improving downstream performance by cracking the digital code. Investing and implementing digital technologies is no more a thing of the future and a luxury to organisations. With disruptive technologies proven over the past couple of years, these technologies have the capabilities of improving efficiency, safety and operability whilst reducing costs in the long run. It is now time for the oil and gas sector to finally embrace and crack the digital code and shift towards digitization.

In line with Kuwait’s energy vision of 2020 and massive downstream expansions undergoing, the World Digital Refineries Congress, officially hosted by KNPC will bring together experts and leaders to discuss the advancements, opportunities and barriers in transforming operations and organisations to a digitally advanced network. The summit will dive into advance technologies of IoT, big data, machine learning, blockchain and its use case in the energy sector whilst ensuring a resilient cyber security strategy to protect assets and operations.
Are you ready to embrace the digital shift and reach your refinery objectives?

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