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Tail gas scrubber sulphur plant by-pass ability aids emergency shutdowns and startups

From the European Union to the USA, national and international bodies are putting in place increasingly stringent legislation to limit emissions.


A few sweet tricks for sour gas

Large volumes of acid gas (H2S and SO2-rich gas) are generated from various technologies used to sweeten sour off-gases, or acid gas.


Gasoline production in the age of shale oil, renewable fuel mandates, and tier 3 regulations

The North American shale oil production surge has provided North American refiners with a seemingly bounty of high quality crudes.


Wet scrubbing modifications to 
reduce emissions

Modifications to existing wet scrubbing systems for FCC units can readily be made to achieve additional reductions in particulates, SO2 or NOx.


Preparing wet scrubbing systems for a future with NOx emission requirements

This paper examines what refiners may want to consider today in preparation for a future that may have more stringent NOx emission requirements for major ...


Alkylation: an option to monetise 
the increasing North American surplus of butanes

The recent success and rapid growth of fracking in shale and tight rock formations has not only resulted in a surge of North American natural gas and light ...


Spent sulphuric acid regeneration (SAR) process

Several chemical processes utilise concentrated sulphuric acid as a catalyst or dehydrating agent, in which the acid becomes “spent”; ie, weakened ...