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Controlling fired process heater emissions to reduce fuel costs and improve air quality

Historically, refineries have relied on relatively clean fuels for fired process heaters. With these clean fuels, there has been little need for controlling ...


Improving sulphur recovery units

A new alternative to the Claus unit tail gas treatment has been found in the wet gas scrubber. This can maintain or increase acid gas feed rates to the ...


Evaluating wet scrubbers

The use of both regenerative and non-regenerative wet scrubbing systems to control the emission of particulate and SO2 is well proven and established


Production of elemental sulphur from boiler flue gas utilising the Labsorb regenerative SO2 scrubbing system and the RSR technology

Environmental agencies have been requiring companies to comply with ever increasing regulations In the oil industry the major air pollutants being addressed ...


Report on the Labsorb regenerative SO2 scrubbing system application at the Eni SpA refinery

We know that for many years refineries in the USA have been addressing reduction of SO2 and Particulate (PM) for both new and existing sources.


LoTOx technology demonstration at Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC’s Refinery In Texas City

Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC’s (MAP) Texas City, Texas, Refinery conducted a review of several options to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) from its Fluid ...


Clean generation

How new wet NOx technology has responded to increasing 
environmental pressures. One of the major concerns for refineries worldwide is nitrogen oxide ...