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Technologies for meeting MACT II - controlling FCCU regenerator emissions

For many refineries, an FCCU (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit) represents the single largest air emission source of particulate and sulphur emissions. Regulatory ...


Controlling FCCU emissions

More stringent refinery air quality regulations are evolving worldwide, while at the same time refiners are looking to process heavy and sour FCCU (Fluid ...


FCCU particulate emissions control for the refinery MACT II standard system

With the anticipated promulgation of the refinery MACT II standard, many refiners are faced with a significant capital expenditure to achieve compliance ...


Control of air emissions from FCCU regenerator flue gas

Reduction of air emissions from FCCU regenerator flue gas has become an increasingly important topic.


Design, operation, and performance of a recently installed wet scrubbing System for Motiva

The need to reduce SO2 emissions from the FCCU regenerator flue gas is essential for a refinery to minimise its emissions of the pollutant. In 1997 Star ...


Flue gas scrubbing of FCCU regenerator flue gas performance, reliability, and flexibility

In 1997 Pennzoil Products Company, now Pennzoil-Quaker State Company, brought into operation a new FCCU at their Shreveport, Louisiana refinery.


The cost of controlling air emissions generated by FCCUs

With the trend towards processing heavy and sour feed stock and the strengthening of environmental regulations, refiners are looking for cost effective ...