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Refiner dramatically improves diesel yield by converting to MIDW™ technology

Challenge - Improve diesel yield and quality. A US refiner was using a competitor’s cracking-based dewaxing catalyst in a 3 kbd Diesel Hydrotreating Unit (HDT) to process a local crude that can be fairly sweet but contains a high N-paraffin content in distillate. The diesel yield ...

ExxonMobil catalysts and licensing: a world of opportunity

ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing offers its customers of high-performing catalysts backed by a legacy of innovation and a commitment to maintaining strong customer relationships. ExxonMobil is constantly improving its catalysts as a leading operator of refining and petrochemical processes. ...

FLEXSORB™ technology and services

ExxonMobil has developed and commercialized the FLEXSORB™ suite of gas treating technologies and absorbents and has applied them in petroleum refining, natural gas production, and petrochemical operations around the world. The FLEXSORB SE technology is designed for the selective ...

Lubes technologies: MSDW℠, MAXSAT™ & MWI℠ technologies and services

ExxonMobil’s MSDW℠, MAXSAT℠ and MWI℠ technologies are the most widely used technologies for producing high quality, high performance lubes base stocks. These technologies incorporate proprietary ExxonMobil catalysts and deliver outstanding activity, yield, selectivity, run ...

MIDW™ technology and services

ExxonMobil’s MIDW™ process provides the highest yields of low cloud point diesel. The process uses a proprietary catalyst that converts waxy paraffins to higher performance molecules, as compared with older technologies that relied on cracking. This results in a much higher ...