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Haldor Topsoe

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Kgs. Lyngby

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Operating in the jungle of renewables (ERTC)

In Europe, 10% of transport fuels should come from renewable sources by 2020. This will partially be achieved by hydroprocessing renewable feedstocks.


Naphtha unit prolongs cycle length, increases feed rate (TIA)

The Komsomolsk Refinery in Russia has upgraded its naphtha hydrotreating unit with a solution from Topsoe, combining a two-phase gas scale catcher with ...


Optimising middle distillate production in a hydrocracker

How to maximise middle distillate production and assure product quality from a range of hydrocracking catalysts and processing schemes.


Scale Catcher technology

Feed containing fines, in-organic matter, sludge, rust etc. can cause excessive pressure drop build-up issues in hydroprocessing reactors.


Maximising the diesel yield from hydrocracking (TIA)

The hydrocracker is one of the most profitable units in refineries, partly due to the volume swell, and partly because it converts heavy feedstocks into ...


Developments in hydrotreating catalyst

How a second generation hydrotreating catalyst was developed for high pressure ultra-low sulphur diesel units and hydrocracker pretreaters.


Future fuel - the challenges associated with renewable diesel hydrotreating

As a consequence of the general concern about fossil fuel resources and global warming from CO2 emissions, the use of alternative, sustainable sources ...