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Increased steam methane reformer throughput

(White Paper) - Switching to a foil based catalyst technology raised throughput substantially for a hydrogen producer.

Air Liquide delivers ...


Emission challenges in partial burn FCC operation (TIA)

Partial burn regenerator operation offers the possibility to process lower cost crudes. This makes partial burn operation very competitive for conversion ...


Increasing FCC propylene yield

A test run with ZSM-5 additive demonstrated to a refinery that it could significantly raise production of propylene in the FCC.


How ZSM-5 works on FCC gasoline composition

A study of the effect of matrix versus zeolite in the base catalyst on the composition of light and heavy gasoline fractions.


SOx additives for tight oils (TIA)

Many refineries use SOx additives to control flue gas SOx emissions. Worldwide there are vast differences in limits for SOx emissions.


Processing shale oil in an FCC unit: 
catalyst and profit optimisation

Adjustments in base catalyst, use of ZSM-5 additives and metal traps enable efficient processing of paraffinic and heavy crude in the presence of metals ...


Measuring metal mobility in FCC equilibrium catalysts (TIA)

In recent years, a number of new techniques have been used to study metal mobility and metal effects in FCC units. These techniques brought new insights ...