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  • Revamps 2014

    Revamps 2014


    Maximising energy efficiency in grassroots designs ... Increasing distillate production at zero capital cost ... Laser scanning for revamps ... Revamping heat exchanger tubing ... Estimating bitumen viscosity for revamps ... Options for CO2 capture from SMR ...

  • Q3 2014

    Q3 2014


    Tail gas catalyst performance ... Selective control for a total reflux column ... Quality control in biofuels production ... Revamping advanced process control ... Design developments for construction projects ...Overcoming corrosion in heat exchangers ... Meeting production targets for ultra low sulphur transportation fuels ... Improving a compressor protection regime ... Avoiding compressor system downtime ... Meeting tighter NOx emissions rules ... Cloud point and hydrotreating relationships ... Failure analysis of burner piping ... Microbiological causes of corrosion ... Alberta’s crude oil reserves ...

  • Gas 2014

    Gas 2014


    • Zero emissions in sulphur recovery
    • Eliminating the Claus furnace
    • Zeolite based dryers in ethylene plants
    • Virtual commissioning of a gas handling system
    • Protecting compressors with dynamic simulation

  • Q2 2014

    Q2 2014


    Reformer monitoring via in-tube temperature measurement ... Revamping the hydrogen generation unit ... Enhance processing with capacity control of reciprocating compressors ... Removing salts and contaminants in glycol regeneration ... Accurate prediction of tower relief ... Myth of high cutpoint in dry vacuum units ... Coordinating a complex automation project ... Dynamics of operation for flare systems ... Air pre-heater improves energy efficiency ... Maximising the use of process energy ... Real Time Online Energy Management ... Advanced solutions for efficient crude blending ... Performance of waxy crudes as FCC feeds ... Predicting severity, viscosity and yields in fuel oil visbreaking ... Recovering tungsten from spent hydrocracking catalysts ...

  • Processing Shale Feedstocks 2014

    Processing Shale Feedstocks 2014


    • Shale feedstocks fuel ethylene, LNG and petrochemical derivatives expansion
    • Catalytic solutions for processing shale oils in the FCC
    • Shale crudes and FCC: a mismatch from heaven?
    • Overcoming the challenges of tight/shale oil refining
    • Better yield accounting methods improve financial results

  • Catalysis 2014

    Catalysis 2014


    • HCN and NOx control strategies in the FCC
    • Capturing maximum value with tight oil feeds in the FCC
    • Maximising distillate while minimising bottoms
    • Dewaxing challenging paraffin feeds
    • Maximising distillate and alkylation feed from the FCC
    • Optimising hydroprocessing catalyst systems

  • Q1 2014

    Q1 2014


    HS-FCC for propylene: concept to commercial operation ... Optimising distillation column product quality ... Extending the treatment of highly sour gases: cryogenic distillation ... Optimising hydrogen sulphide scavenging ... Overcoming high conductivity in process condensate ... Mercury treatment options for natural gas plants ... Role of FCC catalyst in refinery profitability ... Field experience with a Claus furnace checker wall ... Characterising and tracking contaminants in opportunity crudes ... New process arrangements for upgrading heavy oils and residua ... Increasing conversion and run length in a visbreaker ... Troubleshooting refinery equipment with multiphase CFD modelling ... High-fidelity operator training simulators ... What your transmitter may not be telling you