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PetroChina implements DuPont™ IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is pleased to announce the successful startup of the DuPont™ IsoTherming® Diesel Hydrotreating Unit at the PetroChina Changqing Petrochemical Company refinery in Xianyang, China. This unit was licensed to PetroChina in 2011 and was designed to produce low sulphur diesel, meeting the local diesel sulphur specifications of less than 50 wppm, when processing 0.6 MMTPA (12,487 BPSD) of a 67 percent Light Cycle Oil (LCO) / 33 percent Straight Run Diesel (SRD) blend. The overall project duration from kickoff of DuPont’s process design work to unit commissioning was approximately two years. Unit commissioning activities were completed from June 20-30, 2013, with on-spec product being produced immediately upon completion of catalyst sulfiding and initial introduction of feedstock. A successful performance test run at the design throughput, with the design basis feed, while meeting the diesel product specifications was conducted from July 23-25, 2013.  

PetroChina Company Limited is the largest oil and gas producer and distributor in China, playing a dominant role in the oil and gas industry. It is not only one of the companies with the biggest sales revenue in China, but also one of the largest oil companies in the world.  PetroChina was established as a joint stock company with limited liabilities by China National Petroleum Corporation under the Company Law and the Special Regulations on the Overseas Offering and Listing of Shares by Joint Stock Limited Companies on Nov. 5, 1999. By introducing DuPont’s advanced IsoTherming®Hydroprocessing Technology, PetroChina Changqing is able to not only produce high-quality, low-sulphur diesel, which is compliant with local environmental regulations, but also decrease energy consumption and operating cost when compared with conventional hydroprocessing. This successful startup proves that DuPont™ IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology has absolute advantages and uniqueness, providing higher reliability and increased operating flexibility, with higher product quality when compared to conventional hydroprocessing.

IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology is licensed and marketed by DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ Clean Technologies office in Leawood, Kan. Currently there are 10 commercial IsoTherming® operations in both hydrotreating and mild hydrocracking applications; 21 units have been licensed globally. Licensed IsoTherming® capacities range from 2,264 bpd (0.115 MMTPA) up to 78,501 bpd (3.750 MMTPA). Feedstocks include various mixtures of distillates and heavy gas oils, including coker gas oil blends, 100 percent light cycle oil, and 100 percent kerosene.

Today’s petroleum refiners are required to produce low-sulphur products while also reducing the sulphur-based emissions they generate in the process. Typical hydroprocessing techniques use hydrogen in contact with a solid catalyst to remove sulphur and other contaminants from petroleum liquids. IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology employs a novel reactor system that is superior to conventional hydroprocessing technologies. By efficient use of the hydrogen and catalyst, IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology offers the refiner low, competitive capital and annual operating costs while significantly reducing sulphur content in motor fuels.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions, one of 12 DuPont business groups, is an integrated global services and technology delivery business.  Its offerings are combined into four practice areas: Safety Resources, Sustainable Operations, Training Solutions and Clean Technologies. Together they offer consulting services, products and technologies that help organizations protect people and the environment, use assets more efficiently and improve worker skills and performance.

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PetroChina implements DuPont™ IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology

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