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MINISCAN IR VISION top performer in portable fuel analysis

AMETEK Grabner Instruments Releases a new high-speed, compact, FTIR fuel analyzer for automatic and comprehensive measurement of gasoline, and jet and diesel fuels. Built on Grabner´s new Vision instrument platform, the MINISCAN IR Vision increases analysis speed by a factor of ten when compared to previous models. 

The MINISCAN IR Vision builds on Grabner’s more than 20 years of innovation and experience in FTIR fuel analysis. The analyzer, which is configured to measure more than 100 different fuel components, gasoline, and jet and diesel fuel parameters, was developed specifically for fuel blending, quality inspection, specification compliance at the point of sale. The analyzer is pre-loaded at the factory with a database of several thousand fuels collected worldwide and measured in accordance with ASTM and EN fuel specifications. 

The new fuel analyzer offers cutting-edge performance and enhanced measurement speed. Ist high-performance processor allows users to calculate measurement results within seconds using Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis and full spectrum information. Fuel properties calculated from the factory database can be retrained and optimized. 

The instrument’s rugged, ten-inch, full-color industrial touchscreen guarantees the highest visibility as well as ease of use, even under difficult operating conditions. It offers user friendly menu navigation on its large-button touchscreen display that helps ensure immediate instrument response. Worldwide remote support and service are available via a secure VPN tunnel. 

The MINISCAN IR Vision is unmatched in its class of portable fuel analyzers in terms of quality. The thermoelectric temperature regulation of the instrument´s filling system, measuring cells and integrated density meter allows for highest accuracy in measuring the volume of fuel compounds. A high-quality Germanium-coated, Potassium Bromide (KBr) beam splitter offers better optical transmission than analyzers using Zinc-Selenide (ZnSe) -based beam splitters and improved benzene detection. With an optical resolution of 3.8 cm-1, the analyzer resolution is superior to other comparable FTIR analyzers. 

The core feature of the new instrument is its mechanical robustness, making the instrument ideal for the challenges encountered during field or mobile testing. The MINISCAN IR Vision incorporates Grabner´s proven and robust piston-based and bubble-free filling system. The instrument is protected by a new shock- and vibration-tested Vision platform housing. Its double interferometer is mounted with a self-aligning mirror system that allows for automatic correction of intensity shifts after a rough drive over a bumpy road.

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MINISCAN IR VISION top performer in portable fuel analysis

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