Crude Quality: Hurricanes wreak havoc for producers and refiners

Our Opportunity Crudes Management Seminars (OCMS) at www.opportunitycrudes.com, initially launched in mid-July 2017, is designed to identify common problems and solutions in processing price-advantaged crudes (aka opportunity crudes) and conventional oil. The topics range from crude contaminants, compatibility, fouling and corrosion, shale/tight oil challenges, and latest bottom-of-the-barrel technologies. We have generated a lot of interest among people working in refineries, E&P, and midstream business. Based on encouraging feedbacks, we introduce an updated version (or 2.0), called OCMS-FOCUS,that targets specific individual issues.  A new 20-minute webinar in July 2020 will address impacts of hurricanes on oil production and subsequent refining operations.

This video will discuss preparation of offshore production ahead of a major storm, addition of thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors, THI (e.g. methanol and glycol) to prevent hydrate formation during well depressurization, impacts of residual THI on crude value and refinery operations, how to monitor THI levels, and case histories of monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea shared by our sponsor OMMICA.

Our goal is to shed light on the importance of watching methanol and glycol contamination in crude streams after well restart from shut-ins due to incoming storms, economic necessity because of price rout, safety concerns, and so on.

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