Southeast Asian refiner selects severe service isolation valves with actuation from MOGAS

MOGAS Industries Inc, recently received a multimillion-dollar order to manufacture several hundred severe service isolation valves with actuation from a large refiner in Southeast Asia. Several processes and applications will be serviced with the valves from the order, including the ebullating bed unit comprised of high pressure letdown isolation, catalyst isolation and many high cycle, thermal shock applications. Delivery of these valves is scheduled through next year to meet the customer’s requested timeline. This order further solidifies MOGAS’ vision to become the world’s dominant severe service technology company.

As a global leader in heavy oils processing, MOGAS has a long history of partnering with customers to ensure that every requirement and spec are met to ensure our client’s peace of mind. MOGAS’ global sales manager, Chuck Walker, noted the customer’s “insistence on high technology quality components for their CLG licensed project will shine as a first-class showplace in the heavy oils industry.”

This order contributes greatly to MOGAS’ stronghold on the heavy oils industry and expands our reach in the Asian energy markets. The value of this dynamic partnership will continue to be realized throughout each phase, from installation to service. MOGAS is known for supplying critical valves for safety and enhanced plant efficiency to help our customers realize their highest potential while maximizing their profits.


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