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Honeywell UOP

25 E. Algonquin Road (Bldg A)
Des Plaines
IL 60017-5017

Tel : +1 847 391 2000

As the industry leading supplier of technology to the hydrocarbon processing industry, Honeywell UOP offers not just superior Process and Catalyst Technology, but unmatched capability of bringing complete solutions to our customers, covering planning, Design, implementation, and on-going profitability enhancement:
- Full scope-of-supply: Process Technology, Catalysts and Adsorbents, key mechanical Equipment, engineering and start-up/operations support services, and training.
- Integrated, Optimized Solutions: Each customer’s solution is unique and where multiple processing steps are required, optimized integration is key to minimizing capital cost and feedstock consumption.
- Rapid Project Implementation: From conceptual planning, optimized design basis, basic design, project design/construction, and start-up, Honeywell UOP plays an integral role in all steps, minimizing recycle and lost time. Projects get on-stream faster and produce on-spec product sooner  …. maximizing project ROI and minimizing risk.
- Full project life-cycle involvement: Our involvement continues for the life of your project as we provide catalyst upgrades, process improvements, ongoing Optimization Studies and Training.

Refining: Today’s refining market is complex. You need to get more out of every single barrel of oil processed to produce on-spec products that fulfill a shifting market. Whether you are revamping an existing facility for added capacity and improved efficiency or building a new complex, UOP has the solutions for you. See all Refining Process Solutions

Petrochemicals: Demand for petrochemical products is growing. Honeywell UOP offers unique solutions and unmatched capabilities to integrate with your refining complex to utilize low-value byproducts for the production of high-value petrochemical intermediates. See all Petrochemical Solutions.

Natural Gas & Hydrogen: Our natural gas solutions range from simple treating and conditioning for pipeline delivery to complex, integrated operations onshore and off. We offer a complete range of technologies and product is that will help you to reliably and efficiently meet your needs. See all Natural Gas & Hydrogen Solutions.

Biofuels: The world is looking for new alternatives to keep pace with fuel and chemicals demand along with new options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. UOP advanced technologies produce high-quality, drop-in fuels from sustainable natural oils and wastes. See all Biofuel Solutions.

Advanced Products Help You Meet Your Business Goals: Integral to most Refining, Petrochemical and natural Gas Processes are high performing Catalysts and Adsorbents that give you the reaction you need to meet and exceed your production goals and the contaminant removal required to keep those Catalysts operating in top form. Whether you are looking increase distillate yields, grow Petrochemical production to meet industry demand or improve your operating efficiency, Honeywell UOP products can help you achieve your goals. We remain dedicated to continuous innovation and step-change improvements, commercializing an average of 15 new Catalysts and Adsorbents each year.

Today Honeywell UOP operates nine manufacturing facilities today in the United States, Japan, China and Europe.