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ProMax project options

This video explains the Project Options available in ProMax. This includes changing project wide properties (such as atmospheric temperature) and changing what properties are displayed in the Project Viewer.

Other Literature

Scenario tool – EZ setup tool

This video illustrates the EZ Setup Tool feature within a ProMax simulation.  This tool works as a shortcut for the Scenario Tool.  The EZ Setup Tool allows the user to specify which variables to change and what range of values to use for each variable.  ProMax will then generate the desired ...

Back blending

This video illustrates the process of back blending in ProMax.  Back blending is a method used to estimate the inlet conditions by adding up the measured gas, hydrocarbon liquid, and water outlets.  This is often used for estimating emissions off hydrocarbon tanks and water tanks.

Line sizing analysis

This video illustrates the Line Sizing analysis available in ProMax. This analysis will calculate the necessary pipe size to keep the pressure drop and/or velocity below a user-defined limit. Erosional Velocity may also be calculated.

Excel import / export with ProMax

This video illustrates how to use the Import/Export features between Excel and ProMax.  Information can be imported from Excel into ProMax, and ProMax calculations can be exported into Excel for reporting.

ProMax blocks - crossflowsheet connector

This video illustrates the use of the Cross Flowsheet Connector shape, which allows for stream information to be passed from one flowsheet to another.

ProMax recoveries

This video illustrates how to calculate recoveries within ProMax. Column recoveries and flowsheet recoveries are created automatically within ProMax. User-defined recoveries can also be created. Ethane recovery and sulfur recovery are both demonstrated.

Column convergence tips

This video demonstrates tips for getting difficult columns to converge within a ProMax simulation. The Convergence tab within a column is discussed as well as what column specifications are easiest to solve. A pumparound estimate is also demonstrated.

Relief valve sizing analysis

This video illustrates the Relief Valve Sizing analysis in ProMax. This analysis calculates the required orifice area for a given flow at relief conditions, following API 520 or other international standards.

Distillation curve analysis

This video illustrates the Distillation Curves analysis within ProMax streams. This analysis can generate the following boiling curve types: TBP, ASTM D86, ASTM D1160, ASTM D2887/SD, and EFV.

Control valve analysis    

This video illustrates the Control Valve analysis that can be performed within any stream in ProMax. This analysis calculates valve opening, valve Cv, and pressure drop according to the selected valve type. The video also shows how these calculations can be applied inside of a valve block in a simulation.