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The Rohrwuzlers

At Linde, engineers and skilled workers design and manufacture high quality components and complete modules for the application in process plants. This documentary movie reports about the manufacturing of this process plant equipment and the people behind it. Take a look and find out who the Rohrwuzlers are!

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Tobolsk - one of the worls largest ethylene crackers

Since 2012, Linde has been working on one of the world’s largest olefin processing plants in Tobolsk, designed to generate high-quality feedstock for polymer production. In total, around 100,000 tonnes of concrete and 60,000 tonnes of steel are going into Tobolsk’s construction, as well as ...

Linde Global Innovation 2017

Take part in the Global Innovation Challenge by posting your ideas for innovative business concepts on a dedicated online platform. The winning team will get the chance to pitch their concept and bring it to life.

Linde digitalisation - turning data into value

The world is getting more and more connected, everything is generating data. The engineering and industrial gases company Linde has found smart ways to turn the tons of available data into real value for its customers.

Pancake Lift - key step in the module assembly process

The "pancake lift" is one important step in the module assembly process. Bit by bit, our highly qualified assembly team process around 3,000 tonnes of material to create highly complex plant components.

Nitrogen rejection unit

Watch this animation of a process flow and learn more about how a Nitrogen rejection unit works.

On site assembly of storage tanks for modular LCO2 plants

Linde Engineering demonstrates once again how customers can benefit from modular design: once the various components engineered at the different sites are ready and transported by land and sea to any location, they are assembled on site. This approach substantially speeding up the overall delivery. It ...

World leader in plate-fin heat exchangers

A plate-fin heat exchanger is the heart component of almost every plant type. Since 1981, Linde Engineering has built over 12,000 vacuum-brazed plate-fin heat exchangers (PFHE) at their manufacturing sites in Germany and China. Around the world, these Linde PFHE´s enjoy a strong reputation ...

Linde Engineering facts and figures - our achievements

Linde Engineering has delivered 4,000 plants worldwide. From initial design to the delivery of turnkey facilities  - on time and on budget – we deliver. Get the facts and figures.

Linde Engineering facts and figures - our business

Linde Engineering is the perfect partner in all sectors of industry: from crude oil, natural gas extraction and refining to chemical and metal processing. Get the facts and figures.

Linde Engineering facts and figures - our company

Linde Engineering is a pioneer in the development of customised process solutions. Get the facts and figures.