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Cat Tech International

1 South Park Road
South Park Industrial Estate
Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
DN17 2BY

Tel : +44 1724 871 747

Fax : +44 1724 861 928

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Tower field services

Cat Tech Tower Field Services offers bespoke mechanical services to oil refinery and petrochemical plants all around the world. Our team has vast experience in overseeing and undertaking the installation of all types of Tower internals. Our Tower tray, packing and other internals installation ...

CATnapTM catalyst passivation process - an alternative to inert entry

Cat Tech is pleased to present the CATnap® Catalyst Passivation Process - an exclusive, patented technique for unloading catalysts from petroleum processing units. CATnap technology passivates pyrophoric or self-heating catalysts by the application of a proprietary CATnap catalyst ...

Making your plant work smarter

Cat Tech is at the forefront of new technologies. After years of research we are now unloading and loading catalysts from petroleum processing units faster, safer and more economically than ever before. And we continue to create specialised equipment and processes to help you stay on schedule ...

Catalyst passivation services

Cat Tech International uses CATnapTM, an exclusive technique for quick and safe unloading of catalysts from petroleum processing units. The CATnap process allows the spent catalyst to be removed in an air atmosphere versus purging the reactor with nitrogen and performing inert entry.

CATnap delivers faster, safer catalyst changeout

Is a dust-fee catalyst changeout process that should save you over 24 hours in your initial reactor shutdown timeline. Its also a safer process (non-inert-entry) that reduces the hazards of handling, transporting and storing passivated catalyst. And CATnap renders the catalyst non-pyrophoric ...