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Coke drum repair restores capacity (TIA)

The mechanical integrity of processing units is key for oil refineries to deliver smooth operations and maximum productivity. When structural damage was ...


Revamping an air separation unit

Revamp of a high pressure column with structured packing, reducing operating costs and avoiding discharging finished products to atmosphere.


Automated welding restores boiler performance (TIA)

Biomass is becoming an increasingly popular fuel for power generation. It is one of several technologies being implemented to improve the sustainability ...


Rust to robust for Spanish refinery (TIA)

The efficient prevention and minimisation of corrosion induced deterioration in distillation columns is a key aspect helping refineries to remain productive ...


Replacing a corroded column with packing internals

A corroded column was replaced with a new column equipped with high capacity packing. The cross sectional area is less than half that of the original.


Countering hydrate formation in an NGL recovery unit

Process modelling can be used to validate data from the plant and identify the most effective approach to process optimisation.


Turnarounds deliver process improvements

An extended unit shutdown is relatively rare and an opportunity to take every advantage to improve performance.