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Linde Engineering

Linde Aktiengesellschaft
Dr.-Carl-von-Linde-Strasse 6-14
82049 Pullach

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3D metal printing in plant engineering

A tailor-made spare part, produced just a few minutes ago by a 3D metal printer, fits seamlessly into the natural gas liquefaction plant. Now, the plant ...


Final countdown for mega project - Gas supply for Sadara complex

A project to break all records, the petrochemical mega complex in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, involved shifting 35 million cubic metres of sand, earth and ...


Managing heat efficiently - The manufacture of plate-fin heat exchangers

The most complex task for manufacturers of plate-fin heat exchangers is the process of brazing. Millions of brazing joints are required to ensure that ...


Oxygen for mega GTL and CTL plants - Cutting-edge multi-train solutions

Conversion processes such as coal to liquids (CTL) and gas to liquids (GTL) require vast amounts of oxygen. More than can be provided by one plant alone. ...


Producing LNG in the Arctic - Liquefied natural gas from Hammerfest

Blizzards rage over the Norwegian town of Hammerfest, located around 600 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. It is hard to think of a more inhospitable ...


Safety around oxygen - Spare parts in air separation plants

A blue liquid races through the network of pipes in an air separation plant. It is high-purity oxygen, cryogenically frozen to a liquid at -183°C.


Fired capital equipment: key plant components

Fired capital equipment is an often neglected asset associated with 
plant operations. The global petrochemical and refining industries remain volatile ...