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Real-world catalyst testing

Catalysts are tested in laboratory and pilot plant units for purposes of catalyst research, catalyst development, and catalyst selection. Hoekstra Trading’s ...


Process development for Tier 3 low sulfur gasoline

Gasoline sulphur is being reduced in the United States to meet the EPA’s Tier 3 standard which requires an annual average of 10 ppm sulphur by 2020.


FCC gasoline desulphurisation for Tier 3 sulphur compliance

FCC gasoline desulphurisation is used widely in refineries around the world. It is growing in importance because of new regulations that require sulphur ...


Pushing the limits of FCC gasoline desulphurisation

The goal of FCC gasoline desulphurisation to desulphurise FCC gasoline with minimum octane loss. The process uses conventional naphtha hydrotreating and ...


Catalyst selection – a refiner’s perspective

The refining industry is fortunate to have the catalyst suppliers as our partners. They have been leaders in developing new technology for refining.


Fact and fantasy in catalyst selection

The catalyst business is highly secretive. In a secretive culture, facts are obscured. That’s why, from a refiner’s perspective, it is hard to distinguish ...


Open-market catalyst testing

If you have shopped for a new car recently, you have probably looked at consumer buying guides for comparative data to help with your decision.