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Faster lead time for emergency catalyst delivery

An incident caused irreversible poisoning of a catalyst bed in a hydroprocessing unit. The incentive for immediate catalyst replacement was $400,000 per month, and the quoted lead time was unacceptably long.  The refiner used our network to identify two feasible alternatives for faster ...

Hydrogen-starved unit struggles to make ULSD

This is a 36 bar (525 psig) unit that was converted to ulsd service. The first two cycles used Albemarle KF-757 and lasted 6 months compared to one year expected cycle life. They switched to Topsoe catalyst for the next cycle and saw no improvement.

Two suppliers recommended ...

Sulfur speciation analysis helps with feedstock management

Cycle life for successive runs on this diesel hydrotreater has varied from 6 to 18 months.The cycle history was analyzed to assess the difficulty of processing varying feeds. Sulfur speciation analysis enabled measurement of difficult sulfur in the feed components. The unit’s cycle ...

Refinery weighs proposals for 10 ppm diesel

This refinery wanted to make 10 ppm diesel in blocked out commercial trials as preparation for upcoming diesel specifications. Some catalyst vendors said the refinery would need to double the reactor volume to make 10ppm. Other vendors said they had a new drop-in solution, a catalyst that ...

High aromatic/nitrogen feeds cause rapid initial deactivation in pilot plants

A feed sent to C Solutions in Thessaloniki, Greece caused catalyst to deactivate very rapidly when introduced on day one of a pilot plant run.  Analysis showed the feed to be full of high boiling aromatics and high in nitrogen. The pilot plant run was restarted with the usual ...