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Honeywell UOP

25 E. Algonquin Road (Bldg A)
Des Plaines
IL 60017-5017

Tel : +1 847 391 2000

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Be future forward (ERTC)

Respond To Market Conditions. As market conditions, regulations and technologies change, UOP continues to redefine the future of refining. We are helping ...


The future is now (ERTC)

Gross Domestic Product around the world is growing by an average of 4% annually, driven primarily by economic growth in emerging economies.


Vent gas treatment in platforming

Unlike a conventional scrubbing system, the latest regenerator vent gas chloride treatment for platforming units does not employ caustic


On-purpose propylene production

Propane dehydrogenation plays an increasingly key role in closing the global shortage in traditional propylene supplies.


Advanced catalyst characterisation for improved hydrocracking performance

Advanced analytical techniques delivered new insights into catalyst structure and manufacturing leading to improved performance material.


Challenges and opportunities of an FCC revamp

An FCC revamp for enhanced refinery performance and profitability called for close coordination with the technology licensor and contractors.


Upgrading an FCC unit

Collaboration between technical and project teams enabled the fast-track replacement of an FCC unit