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Shell Global Solutions International

PO Box 60
2280 AB Rijswijk
The Netherlands

Tel : +31 70 447 8007

Shell Global Solutions is a strategic licensor striving to deliver innovative and effective technical solutions in response to the significant challenges facing the industry and to support its customers in their day to day operations and delivery of their strategic plans.

As a global owner operator we have a deep level of operational and technical experience across a broad range of Refining and Petrochemical processing and production industries. This enables customers to improve the capacity and performance of Existing Units; integrate new process units into existing refineries and petrochemical complexes; incorporate advanced proprietary catalyst systems (CRI/Criterion) and Reactor Internals; through to the design of grassroots refineries.

Shell Global Solutions is affiliated with Shell’s catalyst companies which innovate and sell catalysts through a network that includes Criterion Catalysts & Technologies, Zeolyst International, CRI Catalyst Company  and CRI Leuna.
What steps will you take to plan a reliable, value-adding investment?
Our Shell Global Solutions Pentagon Model is a key enabler. It proposes a three-pronged strategy for when refiners are planning an investment. Pentagon I advocates a focus on Operational Improvements such as reliability and energy management projects that do not require capital expenditure. These are short-term initiatives and can help to fund Pentagon II initiatives, which are short-to-medium-term Revamp Solutions, such as upgrading existing Hydroprocessing Assets. In turn, the cash generated from those initiatives can be used for the larger, more capital-intensive projects of Pentagon III with additional Conversion Capabilities to increase refineries’ flexibility and Margins.
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