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Hydroprocessing rate increase using shaped charges

Catalyst size and shape are critical contributors to hydroprocessing reactor performance.


Dealing with hydrogenation catalyst poisons

For stable operation of a pyrolysis gasoline unit, it is crucial to know the effects of poisons and inhibitors on catalyst performance and how to counteract ...


Meeting emission targets with potential savings

New solvent and catalyst technologies deliver a step change in tail gas treating performance for green- and brownfield sites.


Controlling contaminants in vacuum gasoil

How revamps can increase VDU capacity and reliability while controlling contaminant levels to acceptable limits.


High-performance catalysts and technology in action (ERTC)

As environment regulations continue to get stricter, refiners are being challenged to provide cleaner transportation fuels while, at the same time, processing ...


Key steps for refiners ahead of IMO 2020 (ERTC)

The reality is that many refiners remain unprepared for IMO MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI (IMO 2020). These regulations, which will substantially tighten the global ...


Leveraging hydrocracking to upgrade low value streams

Flexible design of hydrocracking catalyst systems enables maximum conversion of lower value feed streams into more valuable liquid products.