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Grabner Instruments

Dr. Otto Neurath Gasse 1
A-1220 Vienna

Tel : +43 1 282 16 27 0

Fax : +43 1 282 16 27 300

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LOGical Solution for Condition Monitoring of Lubricants, Oils and Greases. The MINISCAN IR LOG is a highly versatile and extremely fast FTIR analyzer, designed for on-site condition monitoring of oils and greases. It is also capable of measuring low or high levels of water in oil accurately ...

MINISCAN IR VISION - top performer in portable fuel analysis

The MINISCAN IR VISION is a high speed, compact and robust FTIR fuel analyzer for the comprehensive and automatic measurement of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels. The analyzer is configured to measure more than 100 fuel parameters and components for fuel blending, for quality inspection ...

MINIVAP VP Vision - next generation vapor pressure testing

MINIVAP VP Vision is a highly versatile portable vapor pressure tester that features best-in-class precision and a pressure range of 0-2000 kPa. It is the first analyzer that demonstrates excellence in engineering by earning certificates for robustness and durability. Based on Grabner´s ...

ParaFuel™ NIR process analyzer

Comprehensive fuel and crude oil analysis through NIR spectroscopy. The ParaFuel™ NIR Process analyzer from LT Industries provides comprehensive inline analysis of Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Crude Oil, Blending components and Blended Fuels for a wide range of critical ...

Flow-pressure of lubricating grease according to DIN51805 kesternich

Flow-properties of lubrication grease at low temperatures are a measure of great significance for central lubrication systems of vehicles and machineries. This property can best be measured according to the method of Kesternich (DIN 5108). The original manual and time-consuming method ...