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PROGNOST is the technological leader in Safety Protection and Online Monitoring for Rotating Equipment, providing remote diagnostics with an experience of more than 25 years.

Machine Protection for Rotating Equipment: PROGNOST®-SILver
The industry standard hardware for SIL3-certified Machine Protection. PROGNOST®-SILver is a certified SIL3 hardware that provides operators with machine protection analyses that are recognized and proven worldwide. It processes sensor data from up to eight machines, with a maximum of 68 sensors in one monitoring unit. With its innovative design, users can install IEC 61508:2010 certified data acquisition and protection hardware directly in the field (Zone 2 / Hazardous Areas.

Online Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment: PROGNOST®-NT
Today, PROGNOST®-NT is monitoring more than 1,100 rotating machines all over the world – which is what makes us the unquestioned market leader for online compressor diagnostics. PROGNOST Systems has a strong customer orientation that is reflected in their influence in our R&D efforts. We will continue to strengthen our market position and maintain our brand to be the No. 1 supplier for online condition monitoring systems for all critical rotating equipment.
Information instead of data!
In many cases, complex machines are equipped with inadequate vibration protection, which is designed to trigger an alert or emergency shutdown of the machine. In case of an alert or shutdown, the operator receives no information about the location and cause of the problem. Only an extensive, manual search for the failure can reveal the contributing factors. PROGNOST®-NT goes a step further by generating information such as: “Damage Classification Rider Ring Wear, Cyl. 2, 100% Match“. The automatic evaluation and interpretation of sensor data gives PROGNOST® users a decisive advantage: clear diagnostic information as a basis for condition based maintenance and safe machine operation.

Online diagnostics of bearings and gearboxes: PROGNOST®-Predictor
Monitor critical machinery from unexpected failures. PROGNOST®-Predictor is an automated health advisory system for bearings and gearboxes that provides early fault detection by utilizing advanced diagnostics. Early fault detection allows planning of repairs during scheduled shutdowns, thereby minimizing loss of production and avoiding catastrophic damage to critical machinery. PROGNOST Systems is working hand in hand with multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers. With hundreds of complex gearboxes, paper machines and critical equipment in the cement industry continually being monitored and a staff dedicated to specific industries, PROGNOST Systems has the application expertise to optimally design and support your monitoring solution.

PROGNOST® is worth it

The advantage of a PROGNOST® system is quantifiable. We will help you assess the profitability of a PROGNOST® installation based on your own machine and operation data. In most cases, the purchase price is recovered within just a few months. We guarantee a realistic review, based on real-world data, accumulated from several hundred PROGNOST® installations worldwide.
Sound customer satisfaction through service and support
First and foremost, we want to have long-term satisfied customers – that is why we give our very best. Our comprehensive service range will meet your unique requirements, and regular Software Upgrades will keep all your systems current with the latest developments. Another advantage is the exchange of damage classes for pattern recognition between customers, which enables all PROGNOST® users to benefit from the experiences of others. PROGNOST Customer Support ranges from an annual system evaluation based on machine diagnosis reports in varying cycles (half-year, quarterly) to round-the-clock telephone support (10/5 or 24/7).

PROGNOST®-NT - Trust the #1 online monitoring system for mission-critical rotating equipment, PROGNOST®-NT Swift - 100% monitoring capabilities for temporary needs; commissioning of new reciprocating equipment (Initial start-up) or after overhauls, PROGNOST®-SILver - The industry standard hardware for SIL2-certified Safety Protection challenges, PROGNOST®-SenSim - Sensor simulation instead of stimulation and PROGNOST®-Predictor - Online diagnostics for bearings and gearboxes.