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Dividing wall columns for gas plants

Uniting two unit offerings into one column shell can lead refiners to improve the profitability of their gas plants.


Converting two columns into one

Dividing wall column technology can be tailor-made to meet specifications for product quality with less utility consumption and lower capital costs


Balanced distillation equipment design

Fouling resistance and efficiency requirements for distillation equipment are balanced and optimised for reliable unit performance.


Improved distillation efficiency

Dividing wall column technology applied to a xylenes separation project delivered superior energy efficiency compared to a two-column arrangement.


Enhancing fractionator efficiency

Properly designed vapour and liquid distribution devices enable more effective distillation column efficiency.


Optimising preflash for light tight oil processing

For a crude unit handling light tight oil feedstock, a semi-preflash column can deliver significant advantages in energy saving, capacity gain and revamp ...


Refining/petrochemical integration 
- FCC gasoline to petrochemicals

The global trend in motor fuel consumption favours diesel over gasoline, with gasoline often being in surplus. There is a simultaneous increase in demand ...