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7210 Blackfoot Trail S.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2H 1M5

Tel : +1 403 253 5969

Fax : +1 403 259 2771

Enersul Limited Partnership, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is the sulphur industry’s leading choice for producing premium formed sulphur product. Enersul has an established reputation as a leader in the Sulphur Processing Industry, with the expertise and management capabilities to undertake operating contracts as well as project management and supply for all phases of formed Sulphur Handling Projects
Enersul offers a full range of equipment and integrated services to the sulphur industry that include Sulphur Forming Technologies (GX™ and WetPrill™), formed and liquid sulphur storage and Loadout, Sulphur Block Pouring and Block Reclamation, H2S Degassing (HySpec™), and liquid sulphur cooling. Enersul provides comprehensive engineering services(6) including FEED, design and fabrication. From equipment supply to operation of sulphur forming and handling facilities, Enersul is committed to providing its customers with safe, efficient and reliable service. 
Sulphur Forming Technologies: Enersul is best known for their patented GX™ Granulation Process that produces unmatched premium quality sulphur granules with uncommonly low moisture content and friability.
Enersul provides the GX™ Granulation Process in two unique models appropriate for different production requirements, plot sizes and required capacities. The GXM1™ is Enersul’s high-capacity granulation unit, which can produce 1,250 TPD, while the GXM3™ is a low to medium capacity unit that is skid mounted, arrives 90% assembled, and produces up to 400 TPD.
The Enersul WetPrill™ sulphur forming process offers a low-cost, high-capacity alternative for producers wanting a top quality prilled product. The WetPrill™ Process can be adjusted for small and large capacities alike. In the WetPrill™ Process, molten sulphur is directed through narrow trays into an agitated water bath where the pellets form as the sulphur hits the water.
H2S Degassing: In response to the need for a compact and efficient sulphur degassing solution, Enersul developed the HySpec™ H2S Degassing Process. The HySpec™ has been specifically designed to quickly, effectively, and economically reduce the H2S content of liquid sulfur to 10 ppm or less.
HEM™ Remelter: Enersul designed the High Efficiency Melter (HEM™) as a culmination of many years of remelter operations and development. With proven capabilities in contaminated and high moisture sulphur feed stocks in all ambient conditions, the HEM™ is one of the most capable Remelting Systems available.
Block Pouring: The Enersul ProPivot™ combines the best attributes of traditional block pouring arms with the benefits of a centre pivot design. A unique feature of the ProPivot™ is the arm rests on wheels at the discharge end meaning there is no need for additional cable structures or limiting arm length found in traditional cable designs.
Enersul specializes in the safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly Forming and Handling of sulphur. Over 60 years of innovation with a focus on end-product quality, and the ability to customize Technical and Operational solutions to any plant requirement, means the world’s sulphur needs can rely on Enersul’s Trusted Experience and Proven Excellence.