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Calgary, Alberta
T2H 1M5

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GXM3™ high capacity sulphur granulation unit

Sulphur granulation is a size enlargement process. Small sulphur seeds (undersized granules) are repeatedly coated with a liquid sulphur spray and cooled. With repeated application of liquid sulphur, the seed increases in volume and weight. As the granule is enlarged, each coating of liquid ...

The Enersul safefoam transfer system

The Enersul SafeFoam Transfer System drastically reduces sulphur fines at critical transfer points throughout any sulphur h2andling system. The result is a significantly safer and more environmentally friendly sulphur handling system. The STS arrives 90% preassembled, resulting in significantly ...

GXM3™ low capacity sulphur granulation unit

The GXM3TM is the first single-pass, modular sulphur forming unit. It uses our patented GXTM process, and was developed for use on sites with smaller plant footprints and/or smaller production rates. The GXM3TM arrives 90 percent assembled and pre-commissioned, thus saving on construction ...