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Improving biodiesel’s properties

Properties including cold flow have prevented biodiesel from living up to its early potential. Emerging strategies may improve matters.


Leveraging real-time environmental analytics to improve air quality performance

The Problem - Federal, state and local air quality mandates are becoming more stringent. Regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, emanating from the U.S. ...


High-purity ethane from wet NGL (TIA)

Producing high-purity ethane (95+ LV% ethane) in an NGL fractionation plant requires a refrigerated condenser for the deethaniser.


Unload the SRU to reduce plugging problems and operating costs

A crude oil refinery may need additional sulphur recovery capacity for any of a combination of reasons:


Determining safety distance in process design

Safety distance determination is a key design issue that may have a dramatic impact on a refinery construction project


Bio-isobutanol: a versatile molecule

Bio-isobutanol has many valuable characteristics that allow it to:
• Be used as is, as either a solvent or as a gasoline blendstock
• ...


Process improvements in the direct hydration of olefins to alcohols

Synthetic alcohols produced by direct hydration have wide application in the process industries as solvents, in the production of cosmetics and as intermediates ...