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Newly completed sulfur project at SAMREF refinery

Case study of newly completed sulphur project at SAMREF refinery. SAMREF (Saudi Aramco ExxonMobil Refinery) recently completed the design and successful ...


Flexible thinking for capital projects

Conventional project planning and execution may not be the best approach for gas treating and sulphur recovery installations.


Optimal processing scheme for producing pipeline quality gas

Exploring processing line-ups for optimal design of sour gas processing plants. The gas processing plant must be a ‘fit-for-purpose’ design, meeting ...


Tackling tighter emissions rules

A review of the options to raise sulphur emissions performance to meet China’s tightening regulations.


Importance of heat maintenance in sulphur recovery units

While sulphur recovery in an SRU depends on the condensation and removal of elemental sulphur, its unintended condensation and accumulation can present ...


Dealing with depleting sour gas reserves Part 2

Gas plants in western Canada will have to evaluate their sulphur recovery units for future turndown operation as sour gas production falls.


Combining acid gas treating and amine tail gas treating (TIA)

One of the challenges in designing a natural gas treatment plant is to optimise the combination of the acid gas removal (AGR) unit and the sulphur recovery ...